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What Is Step Ahead Home Education and Tutoring Services?

Welcome to Step Ahead, a leading private tuition organisation, offering the highest quality one-to-one tutoring throughout East and Central Scotland - and in particular in Edinburgh and in Fife - and by Skype or FaceTime to anyone in the UK or abroad.

As a parent you know how important education is to your child's future.  But that's not all.  You want to see your child develop confidence and self-esteem.

More than anything you want to see your child happy.

At Step Ahead, we understand the fundamental value of nurturing and developing every childís potential to the utmost.

Our efforts have earned Step Ahead a reputation for producing excellent academic results, boosting grades by up to and often over 20%, and achieving a remarkable record of independent school entry passes.

Yet we believe excellence in education is about more than grades.

At Step Ahead, we see the power of one-to-one tuition in encouraging children and increasing confidence.

We help children feel motivated to learn and develop a passion for study.

We see children discover a genuine love of learning, possibly for the first time in their lives.

"Our sincere thanks - the difference you have made to this family cannot be under-estimated and indeed the real fruits of your labour will be harvested by our (three) children throughout their lives." Two very grateful parents

And we see it consistently, time and time again, with the thousands of students we have tutored.

Why? Well, of course this is partly due to the expert skills, experience and dedication of the tutors we carefully select and provide.

But mostly it is due to the unique talent, enthusiasm and potential that can be unlocked in every child when they benefit from focused, caring and highly skilled teaching.

This principle applies to tutees of all ages and backgrounds Ė from our youngest primary school pupils to our student and adult learners.

At Step Ahead, we are committed to inspiring academic excellence, confidence and happiness in our students. Itís easy, when they are always such an inspiration to us.


Step Ahead means Business

Step Ahead Means Business Educational ServicesIncreasingly companies are recognising the need to improve basic literacy and numeracy skills among employees. The good news is that at Step Ahead we understand that learning is for life, and itís never too late to help students of any age develop the skills that are essential to professional progress - in such as the police and fire services, social work and teaching, as well as productivity in business. More about Step Ahead Means Business...


Step Ahead Together

Step Ahead Together Educational ServiceOur new tuition service, Step Ahead Together, offers affordable tuition in small, friendly groups of children close in age and ability. This is the ideal opportunity, particularly for young primary school aged children or motivated senior pupils preparing for national exams, to benefit from a significant boost to their progress in a range of subjects, with our most experienced tutors, in a stimulating, enjoyable environment. More about Step Ahead Together...



Hundreds of families and students of all ages have benefited from Step Ahead tutoring.
Read about some of their experiences in their own words...


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